Dear client.
We are sad to discover that you have experienced a fault with our equipment. We'll be happy to consider your warranty claim.

  • Fill the warranty claim form completely.
    The complaint must be made within 45 days after the failure.
  • If the complaint relates to an engine failure, please consult with us if we support this claim. Some engine manufacturers are required to use only their service centers, if this is the case we will help you contact the service center engine manufacturers closest to your location.
  • If the claim is a manufacturing defect of MQ CIPSA equipment please print the form and go to any of the MQ CIPSA Authorized Service Centers.
  • It is important that you attach the copy of the bill of sale of the equipment because without this document it will make no valid claim.
  • When appropriate, the Authorized Service Center or CIPSA may request a refund of any damaged parts or photographs of them.
  • After taking the necessary elements to decide a claim, the Authorized Service Center or CIPSA will give an answer within a maximum period of 7 days.
  • The dealer warranty period is 180 days from the sale of the distributor to the end user.
  • The parts used as a regular equipment maintenance such as oil, fuel, spark plugs, filters, belts are not subject to warranty.
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