About Us

CONSORCIO is a successful family consortium currently managed by the second and third generation ; dedicated to the manufacture of a broad line of solutions for the construction equipment market in North, Central and South America .

The company was founded in 1950 to manufacture small cement mixers. During the 70 's and 80's the company grew rapidly , thanks to an aggressive strategy for the national market and the signing of agreements with major leading European companies (Dynapac , Hiab) and USA ( McNeilus) for the sale and production of compaction equipment , cranes and mixers for the national market.

When starting the 90's the company signed a strategic alliance with Multiquip (selling leader in light construction equipment in USA) for the manufacture and export of small mixers and mounted trucks for the American and Canadian markets. The success of this partnership helped the company become the number one manufacturer of these products in America in 10 years.


The key success factors include:

  • Strategic alliances with leading companies in their own markets that provide expertise through technology, market leadership and highly qualified executives.
  • Products oriented to the high quality client.
  • The Extensive knowledge of the environment and the local market.
  • Manufacturing processes and efficient administration, better business practices.
  • Decisions and timely information.
  • Shareholders and executives with knowledge and passion for the business.


CIPSA is a leader company in the construction industry, focused on meeting the growing expectations of our customers in terms of quality, cost and time. We provide innovative products and services to ensure the success of our customers and shareholders.


We work and strive every day to:

Our clients
Meeting your needs to earn your trust and brand loyalty.

Our shareholders
Searching liquidity, profitability and sustainable growth.

Our employee
Understanding their needs and talents to offer a job with personal and professional growth in an environment of cordiality and respect, hoping to get the maximum commitment.

Our society
Helping the community and caring for our environment.


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