Stiff neck bed


Trailer to transport heavy machinery, loaded at the rear of the trailer, through a beaver tail and two folding ramps at the center.

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Metric units
Total length 14.64m
Useful length bed 8.84m
Total width 2.60m
Bed height 86.41cm
Load capacity (uniform) 32 Ton
Concentrated load capacity in 16 ft 32 Ton
Air breaks ; de 12 ¼”x7 ½”-S-, de 16 16 1/2” x 7”-O-
Wheels 6.75x17.5 pulg
Radial tires of 16 layers 2.35/75 R 17.5
3 spring suspension leaves -S-
Suspension springs beam TR 875 -ND-
Pneumatic suspension (+1 1 1/2 at bed height) -O-
Bed with Oak wood of 1 1/2 in -S-
Bed with Apitong Wood -O-
Side channel of 10 in -S-
Crossbeams type 1 of 6 AC/24 in –S-
Mooring ring type D at every 48 in –S-
Steel construction of 80,000/100,000 PSI -S-
Electric system of Harness sealed with anti- -S-vibration
Lateral signaling lights -S-
Beavertail with wooden deck -O-
Gooseneck full width -O-
Full-width rear bed -O-
Dropdown lateral extensions (swing-outriggers) -O-
Access ramps with wooden deck cover of 1.52m -O-
Parking skates Bolts type -S of 2 speed -O-
Beavertail 76.24cm traction S- of 122 cm instead of STD-O-, 152cm instead of STD-O-
-S- = Standard -O-= Optional -ND- Not Available
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