Converter to join two semi-trailers to make a "full " to increase the amount of charge in one trip. Lance with rotating eye.

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Metric units
Total length 2.51m
Total width 2.60m
Fifth wheel height 1.24m
Spear length 1.09m
Load capacity (lb.) 40,000
Fifth Wheel Holland brand -S-
Braking system ABS 2S1M -S-
Braking system ABS 4S2 -O-
Disc wheel 8.24x24.5 -S-
Radial tires 11Rx24.5 of 16 layers -S-
Air suspension of 30,000lbs -S-
Skate for handling spear -S-
Crossbeams type -S-
Axis of 25,000 lb. Oil lubricated -S-
Pull ring and cushioned swivel -S-
Set of 4 indicator lights on rear -S-
7 poles socket -S-
Damped hinges spear of -S-
100,000 lb. capacity
Steel construction of 80,000/100,000lbs PSI -S-
Electric system of Harness sealed -S-with anti-vibration
-S- Standard
-0- Optional
-ND- Not Available
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