Bender D42L


The angle adjustment knob allows fine tuning of bending angle. A complete set of rollers and collars are included to quickly change its radius of curvature. It includes standard foot switch allowing bending steel bars freeing the operator's hands for handling material.

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Metric units
Max Cap of fold (mm) 25
Folding range 0* a 180*
Dipstick measure (mm) 9,5 a 25
Maximum (mm) 79 a 44
Minimum (mm) 19 a 38
Max speed of fold About 5 seconds for a 180 ° angle
Electric engine 120 Volts, 60 Hz, Monophase CA
Power coefficient (ampere consumption) 10
Length (mm) 410
Width (mm) 450
Height (mm) 495
Weight (kg) 136
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