They are ideal for events, night construction, to support emergency disaster, airports and highways or roads that are under repair.

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Metric units
Engine model Perkins 403D-11G
Battery type Accumulator 12V 9 plates
Weight 650Kg (1433Ib)
Dimensions-UNDEPLOYED- 225x135x174 cm
Wind stability 104.6kph (65 mph)
Focus 4-1000W metal Halide-Phillips-
Lamps Elliptical form, outdoor use
Ballasts Autorregulado 1000W-Phillips-
Operation tension 120V
Lumens 440,000
Termination lamps fixed
Alimentation cord type Lamps Coiled cable 7x14
Maximum height Lamps 9.28 m (30.5 pies)
Pole 5 sections, 5a articulated section
Fuel tank 130 Lts
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Fácil de transportar * Lampara con la posibilidad de rotar 360° * Se eleva hasta 9 metros de altura y se mantiene estable con vientos de hasta 104.6 km/hr * Requieren de menor mantenimiento

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